Paleo Zone 70 Day Challenge


The paleo (think quality of food)/zone (think quantity of food) 70 day challenge will start October 15th and go until December 23rd and will be conducted in teams of two . For 70 days you will be asked to eat one meal a day that falls under the guidelines of Zone(preferably Paleo). Each teammate will pay a $35.00 entry fee, yet you will receive your money back if you compete the challenge. There will be a daily challenge that will be outlined at the beginning of the challenge, and there will be a weekly challenge that will affect you and your partner. If you are unable to complete your portion of the weekly challenge you will not only be hurting you but you will be hurting your partner. This way you are not only held accountable for your money but your partners as well. We will be working under an honor system and tracking which days we stick to the challenge. Yari will be in charge of sign ups once you have signed up you will be entered in a private facebook group where you will be communicated with, given your weekly challenges, held accountable, and given support.


What is Paleo Zone

Paleo focuses on the QUALITY of food we eat while zone focuses on the QUANTITY of food we eat. Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and none of the following: processed sugars, dairy, soy, legumes/beans, breads, pastas, wheats, or grains. Buy the food from the perimeter of the grocery store and avoid the processed foods in the middle.


Zoning your food simply means you balance the protein, carbohydrates, and fats you take in each meal eat in order to keep your insulin response under control. When we eat food, especially sugars, our body responds by injecting insulin. If we do not eat in the right balance, our insulin spikes above needed levels and then regulates itself by dropping below needed levels. Those peaks cause fat storage while the troughs lead us feeling tired and little physical and mental energy. A clean diet supports proper immune function, acts as an anti-inflammatory to the digestive system, and promotes overall health and function to our bodies both internally and externally, including organs, skeletal and muscular growth.

Following Paleo Zone Block Chart

The correct balance of macronutrients per meal should follow this distribution – Protein: 7g Carbs: 9g Fats: 3g. To make this easy, we call them a protein block, a carb block, and a fat block. Thus, each meal we eat equal blocks.

For example, if we eat a 3 block meal, it will contain 3 blocks of protein (21g), 3 blocks of carbs (27g), and 3 blocks of fat (9g). To keep it simple, we use a chart that tells us what portion of food equals a block. For example – 1 large whole egg = 1 Protein Block, 1/2 Apple – 1 Carb Block, and 3 Almonds = 1 Fat Block. If I wanted to eat a 3 Block meal in this example, I would eat 3 large whole eggs , 1 and a half Apples, and 9 Almonds.


For the full list of blocks and easy meal plans click on the link below:

TIP: A food scale may be needed in the beginning of the challenge but will help in learning correct serving sizes. 

Calculating Blocks

Your blocks are calculated from 3 factors

  1. Body Weight
  2. Body fat Percentage
  3. Weekly activity levels

The link above has access to an easy block chart if you do not know your body fat percentage. If you’d rather a more personalized block recommendation click on THIS LINK and plug in your info.




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